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7 Quick Tips for Brides Attending a Bridal Show

Attending a Bridal Show? Free Advice from Sequel Events & Valley Weddings.

Attending a Bridal Show can be a valuable way for Brides to make contacts and get most of the leg work of wedding planning done, here are some quick tips on how to get the most from this exciting experience.

  1. Pre-Register for the show(s) you would like to attend –  Most bridal shows will pre-sell tickets online, to save yourself some time and where possible the line ups pre-purchase your tickets.
  2. Bring a sidekick! –  The vendors and guests might be overwhelming for some brides to navigate through the crowds. You value the opinions of those close to you so why not bring them along to support you in making the important decisions and help with your hunt for the perfect vendors. Not to mention they can help you fill out ballet entries after your hand cramps up from filling out another contest form.
  3. Be Organized – As a planner/ decorator organization is key, bring colour samples, photos, magazines or written thoughts of what you are looking for and pre plan out the vendors you wish to speak with. If you are not sure where to start no worries as our team is here to help with the planning, decorating and we can even suggest some great vendors from our own experiences.
  4. Be Practical –  Have an idea of your budget and look for vendors that are able to work within your budget or those who have suggestions on how not to break the bank or can suggest alternate options within your budget.
  5. Ask Questions – Come with a list of questions to ask at the bridal show and don’t be afraid to ask about payment details, contracts (read the fine print), and for samples of past work or customer references.
  6. Schedule Follow Up Meetings – We are happy to meet with our brides after a bridal show and look forward to it as it gives us another opportunity to help you with the planning and decorating process. If you happen to meet us at a bridal show be sure to schedule a follow up meeting as we book up fast!
  7. Keep Calm & Bridal On! – Breathe, relax and keep dreaming. Enjoy every part of this process and take your time at the show.

Best Wishes & Happy Hunting! XOXO– From Sequel Events & Valley Weddings

We look forward to meeting you at the It’s My Wedding at the Abbotsford Tradex, January 16 and 17.

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