Merry + Bright Christmas Gift Guide

We wanted to kick off the start of December by highlighting our favorite small shops. With only 23 shopping days until Christmas many of these shops offer the convenience of online shopping or a local pick-up at our resident brick and mortar stores.

When you support a local business this Christmas you are supporting someone’s dream and the community you live in. This Christmas we have teamed up with Deanna of Style by Deanna to showcase gifts that shine and express the merriment of the season. We hope that you enjoy our gift guide and are able to find some great items to aid with checking off your items on your family’s Christmas wish list.

The Holidays can be busy but in the midst of this season I am reminded to slow down and enjoy the moment. No matter what you have on your to do or shopping list may your holidays be Merry + Bright.



Special Thanks to

Style by Deanna

Sequel Photography

Julie Christine Photography


A Little Love Creative

These hand lettered creations are made with love and will look perfect under any Christmas tree. Handmade cards, wooden signs, and custom-made place settings are some of Kaitlin’s calligraphy makings.



Canvas Candle Company

Eco Soy wax candles using safe essential oils to keep harmful chemicals out of your home. Caylen hand-pours her candles and melts for make quality and natural products. Be sure to look for her at one of local markets over the holidays!

Dear Loves Co.

The perfect minimalist gift to accessorize in style. Dear Loves pieces are lightweight, fashionable and functional.


Haven + Ohlee

Bows and hair accessories for mom and her little darlings. Scrunchies made to match for ladies and toddlers in a variety of cute colours.


Hudson & Oak Shop

Modern and hand painted planters for indoors or outside. A festive alternative to a traditional Christmas tree stands that are lightweight and durable.



Karen makes organic, minimalist body and skincare products using only natural ingredients. The holidays can add extra stress but K’Pure has any busy shopper covered to help check people off of your shopping list or buy yourself a pre-Christmas gift.


Letter Peddler

Inspiring felt letter boards for the cheekiest characters in your life. These changeable and quality letter boards are made for a convenient low price.


Little Bean + Co

Shopping local is convenient and fun with our friends at Little Bean + Co. as they are located locally in downtown Abbotsford. They carry all of the best local brands and children’s products like these adorable Milk & Cookie leggings from Kewe Clothing.


Little Crow Collective

Small match apparel with a conscious message (like reminding me to slow down) from a husband and wife team located locally in the Fraser Valley. Each creative piece is designed and brought to life from Little Crow Collective’s home.


Lost Arrow Designs

Each jewelry piece is handmade in a fashionable style. Lost Arrow Designs aims to create ethical jewelry, with every item uniquely fashioned.


New Moon Tea Co.

New Moon Tea uses sustainable agricultural practices to ensure they leave a small footprint. Using only the freshest organic ingredients to produce a variety of yummy flavors.


Naked Snacks

Fill your holidays with delicious and wholesome snacks that give back. A portion of these tasty and healthy snacks help to feed children in need.


So Luxury

Luxurious and soothing bath products that are 100% certified organic. So Luxury’s (formally Bebe de Luxe) signature Coconut & Oat Milk Bath will gently clean anyone’s sensitive skin.


Sprig West

A cheerful home is one decorated by the people we love. Sprig West has a beautiful collection of Christmas ornaments, cake toppers, signs and wooden calendars to freshen up your home over the holidays.


Townsend Rowe Home Shop

Handmade pillows from the best fabrics for the modern home owner. If you are looking to create a hygge environment of coziness this winter Townsend Rowe will have your home clothed in all the warm fuzzes.


Vanilla Bean Home Bakery

Let Lindsay from Vanilla Bean Home Bakery make you something delicious and sweet for your holiday get together. Cookies, cakes and macarons for a tasty treat, which are artistically designed from her home to yours.



Jax & Lennnon Co 

Cozy and ethical clothing for everyone in your family this Christmas. Jax & Lennon Co is locally made with comfort in mind, providing a one stop shop for your gift giving needs.

Styling – Style By Deanna

Florals & Coordination – Sequel Events

Photography – Julie Christine Photography & Sequel Events Photography

Decor – Leroy Brown FurnishingsStyle by Deanna & Sequel Events 

Models – Heydy and Isaiah of Raising Jay & Abel, Bernadette of Sequel Events, Deanna of Style by Deanna, Julie of juliechristinexo, Melissa and her sister Amy of Real Mother Hustlers and Fraser Valley Lifestyle Magazine 

Breakfast at Tulips of the Valley

Early risers, I have never been one of those people and probably never will be one of them.

I am however someone who is willing get up early or easily can stay up late for the sake of the creative. I am more inclined to work late into the wee hours of the night than rise and shine to get a start on the day. I will make an exception when it comes to connecting with other like minds and creating something beautiful though, as was the case with our tulip inspired bloggers breakfast.

The Fraser Valley is home to two tulip festivals and we were honored to work with Tulips of the Valley. They are local to Chilliwack as is our events company! We like to work with and support other local businesses whenever we can and were thrilled to be apart of this breakfast event. Tulips of the Valley has rows, upon rows of the most beautiful tulips and they are only in bloom for a short period of time. Due to the cold winter we had this year the tulips were blooming later but they were well worth the wait once they did start to bloom.


Our team, along with some other local businesses and bloggers from the Fraser Valley and Greater Vancouver gathered for a private tour and breakfast last weekend. Here are photos of our time out at Tulips of the Valley. We hope you enjoy these photos and if you are thinking about visiting our friends at the tulip fields it really is a fun little outing to make memories at and snap some pretty photos.

Photography by Sequel Photography






Special Thanks to Vanessa Marie Studios for the photos below









Event Stylist & Coordinator Sequel Events Inc. 

Venue Tulips of the Valley

Posie Hoops, Hair & Makeup on Models Julie & Olivia by Posie and Pine 

Nursing Bracelets Dear Loves Company

Special Guest Bloggers Posie & Pine and Dear Loves Blog 


Video Allyfotografy 

Succulent pieces Aloe Yucca 

Jewelry Lost Arrow Designs

Clothing Shop Chews (Lucille, Olivia & Julie’s outfits)

Tulip Cake The Cake Mama 

Best Day T-Shirt & Kindness Sweater The Free Reign Life

Balloons Heather and Gem

Hair Montana’s Bridal Hair (Models:Lucille, Taylor, Sarah and Carly)

Makeup Feel Beautiful Makeup Artistry (Models: Lucille, Taylor, Sarah and Carly)

Arbor, Desk & Decor Rentals Pretty Things Rentals

Flowers & Arrangements Sophia’s Flower Shop

Kombucha Royals Kombucha 

How thick is my skin?

Kaylene is a student here in the Fraser Valley and grew up in a small town that is about 2 hours outside of Edmonton Alberta. She is like a little sister to me and I am very proud to watch her grow into a mature and humble woman. I have watched her willing to make hard decisions to better herself and not take the easy road. I know God has great things in store for her life, thank you for sharing your heart little sis.

Self-love has been something I have struggled with majority of life. That is one thing I wish they taught you in school, other than algebra and history books. I pondered on this topic for weeks and I honestly have never had such a difficult time to write my thoughts as I have on this subject. I have not mastered self-love, so I do admit I am in a process of understanding what this word means to me, along with the necessary actions I need to make to fulfill the word “self-love.”

This last year has been a very difficult year for me, due to the loss of six loved ones. I lost myself in my grief, and in depression. I did not take the necessary actions to take care of myself. I struggled with anxiety attacks, insomnia, loss of appetite, isolating myself, and even found myself buying a pack of cigarettes here and there. Staying busy at University and work helped me to suppress my emotions for it was the only way I knew how to cope.

Due to that difficult year, I am left thinking of how I can change my actions to take care of Kaylene for the year of 2017. I am hit hard in the chest with this silence of what to say about self-love; I honestly feel I do not love myself in a healthy way right now. That is just my reality. I am sad by it, yet, this has brought attention to what I need to address.

The last few months, I have really struggled with completely and authentically loving myself. I have deprived myself of love. I have been wrestling with memories and hurts from my past, and it’s left me feeling ashamed, and unworthy. I have a history of trauma, addiction, self-harm, and being in abusive relationships, yet, I try every day to leave those days behind and to continue moving forward. To practice forgiveness so I may have peace, and attain deeper healing. Not by just forgiving others, but also by forgiving myself too. Somedays are easier than others though, as deeper roots of hurt from these experiences arise from time to time.

Now, how do I go about applying self-love? By putting on some make-up and standing in front of a camera? No. By going to the only solution that can teach me the first fundamental teachings about love-by going to Jesus Christ. By taking time out of my day to spend time with Him. To find my identity in God, rather than of the world. The world we live in is flawed, as are we humans, but thanks to God, I can have peace knowing I am enough for Him. I just have to spend time with Him and be reminded of some things that I have become blinded to. Such as knowing I am enough; that I am loved. Knowing I am worthy. That I must come first sometimes too.

I am learning to love every attribute about Kaylene, from my imperfections, my flaws, my successes, my weaknesses, my strengths, my nationality, my past, and my present. I am learning how to love my physical self, my mind, my experiences, my heart, my spirit, and the ones around me that helped shape me into who I am today. To love my ancestors that came before me. To love the God of the universe who formed me, perfectly in my mother’s womb. To one day know, deep down in my heart without a doubt, that I am worthy of love and greatness.

Ways in which I see self-love is by buying myself flowers because they are captivating like I. It looks like taking a day off and getting lost in the outdoors. To keep away from things that are poisonous to my well-being, which is why I decided two years ago, to never put drugs or alcohol into my body ever again. It looks like being gentle and gracious with myself when I make mistakes. It looks like discovering who I am as a First Nations Cree woman. It looks like reclaiming my cultural practices, my voice, my potential, and my purpose. It looks like redefining my identity as a Godly woman. It looks like staring in front of the mirror, smiling at my reflection after I remove all my make-up before bed, for this is when I feel most beautiful.

Self-love looks like loving the woman I used to be, the woman I am now, and the woman I aspire to be; I am not where I want to be, but I am far from where I used to be, and that is okay because I am a working piece of art that God will never give up on.

– Kaylene Gambler

Makeup by Shayla Rose from Rose Quartz Makeup Services

Photography by Sabrina from Sequel Photography

Meet the Metzger’s

Sabrina Metzger…Our Sabrina!

A day of pretty things, and tents filled with beautiful souls who were there to cheer on the excited couple, this is how I would describe Nick & Sabrina’s wedding day. From the tiniest details on the tables to the beading on her dress everything was perfectly placed. We could not be happier for our friends, it was a great day to celebrate the joining of two hearts and an honor to be a part of helping to make it all happen.DSC_0590










3R0C5348 3R0C5352 - Copy DSC_0434

DSC_0900 DSC_0916 DSC_0923 DSC_0929 DSC_0938 DSC_1016 DSC_2237 copy DSC_2321

Nick & Sabrina Metzger Wedding – May 21st

Venue: Triple Swann Nursery

Photography: Heaton Photography

Floral Arrangements: Sequel Events Inc.

Brides Bouquet: Floralista

Catering: Austin Gourmet

Décor: Valley Weddings

Bridal Gown: Everything But The Groom

Day of: Sequel Events Inc.

Bridal Hair & Makeup: Vancouver Mobile Makeup

Bridesmaids Hair: Mauve Hair Design



Sun Kissed Dreamers – A Dance With The Tulips

Early mornings – the 4 am kind where you need a lot of coffee, these mornings should be an indication that you are either completely insane or really passionate about what you do. A few weeks ago during the Abbotsford Tulip Festival our team worked on a project where we collaborated with a few of our local favorite vendors to create a display of our talents in the midst of rows and rows of beautiful tulips.



Working with other creative personalities to bring an idea to life is extremely rewarding and also educational. I have the privilege of not only seeing the steps in their artistic process but the opportunity to learn a few things along the way. I love to take this learnt knowledge and pass it onto my clients so they can truly understand the benefits of working with a professional artist


No matter if you are looking for a photographer, hair stylist, makeup artist, florist, stylist or event planner there are many talented professionals here locally in the Fraser Valley without needing to search too far for your next event. Full vendors list below. Here are a few photos from this project, hope you enjoy!


TulipFieldStyledShoot-66 - CopyTulipFieldStyledShoot-33TulipFieldStyledShoot-52 - Copy

TulipFieldStyledShoot-72 - CopyTulipFieldStyledShoot-40       TulipFieldStyledShoot-48


Photography – Lindsay Kay Photography TulipFieldStyledShoot-61 - Copy

Coordination & Styling – Sequel Events Inc.

Florist – Deborah Lee Designs

Models – Jennifer Marie Model & Janelle Lauren

Makeup Artist – Erin Nicole Makeup Artistry

Vintage Décor – Creek Side Home Décor

Hair Stylist – Hair by Phelps

Casual Wear – Bella & Wren

Bridal & Prom Wear – B. Gorgeous Bridal

Venue – Abbotsford Tulip Festival

“You don’t love someone for their looks, or their clothes, or for their fancy car, but because they sing a song only you can hear” – Oscar Wilde


Mother’s Day Giveback: Who is your Hero?

A few months back I had reached out to Codi Lynn about surprising a deserving women in our community. I am very excited to share the story of what a few great businesses were able to do to bless her to celebrate Mother’s Day.

To read the full story click here


People will never forgot how you made them feel. – Maya Angelou

Our Snow White Inspired Bridal Shoot

Our Snow White inspired bridal shoot was a thrill for us to coordinate and to see it so wonderfully come to completion. One thing we love about projects like this is the ability to use local vendors and support the communities we live in! We worked with two amazing photographers; our very own Sabrina Gidon and Tabitha from Tabitha Cliff-Daase Photography. Our Executive Planner, Bernadette Maguire, was the driving force (the visionary, the motivator, and the do-er) behind this whole shoot and she is the main reason for it all coming together.


The day we chose for shooting was extremely cold (and rightly so, since we chose Snow White as the inspiration!) and our model, Janelle Raddatz, was very brave. She faced the elements dressed in an exquisite wedding gown provided by Truvelle; a lovely, local bridal line whose store is located on Cambie Street in Gastown. Janelle’s makeup was done by Erin Nicole Makeup Artistry and her nails by Liz from Paint Boxx Nails. One of my particular favourites was the gold and red hairpiece, which was lent to us by Aimee at Xoxo Couture, along with another hair piece and the veils. Every detail involved in turning Janelle into a ‘Snow White’ bride was carefully considered and in the end her look perfectly complimented our set and blew our expectations out of the water.


In order to create our set we used vintage furniture and décor from Spruce Collective and décor from Valley Weddings. We also provided some of the final touches ourselves such as the beautiful floral arrangements. Going forward we will be continuing to partner with Valley Weddings in order to provide full décor services to our clients (we are SO excited about this!).

In the end, we were very pleased with how everything came together and we are so excited to share the results with you (as we warm ourselves with a hot cup of cocoa)! We feel inspired when we see something that we had simply dreamed of before so fully come to life, and we hope you do too.


Vendor List:


Sequel Events- Concept, Design and Event Coordination &

Valley Weddings – Decor

Spruce Collective – Vintage Decor

Truvelle – Dress

Erin Nicole Makeup Artistry – Makeup

Liz from Paint Boxx Nails – Nails

Tabitha Cliff-Daase Photography – Photography

XOXO Couture

Sabrina from Sequel Events – Photography

Janelle Raddatz – Model

10 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Professional Planner

Here at Sequel Events we believe that professional planners are essential to putting on the perfect event. We speak from experience in planning our own events and from our passion to assist our clients in planning their event. So here are our 10 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Professional Planner:

1. Saving You Time

You may be short on time normally, so when there is a major event happening that you are the planner for, things can get a little hectic. In order to enjoy the planning process and have some peace in your life, hire an event planner! They are practiced time-savers and are always figuring out the most efficient and organized way to do things.

2. Saving You Money

You probably have a budget, tight or not, for your event. The best way to stay in budget and still get everything you want is to hire someone who has experience and can tell you very accurate estimates of the cost of everything. They can also find you the best quality of service for the best price. They will know when you might be getting close to going over budget and can find ways to avoid that and still give you the event you’ve dreamed of

3. Being Able to Breathe

Amidst the hustle and bustle of planning and preparing for an event it can be easy to forget to do some important things, like taking time for ourselves. Allow an event planner to take on the details and sometimes tedious work that goes along with this process and give you space to breathe…and eat…and sleep.

4. Working with Experience

We hire professionals to do many things in life, such as a real estate agent to find your dream home, plumbers to fix the pipes. hair dressers to fix our hair up nicely…you get the picture. So why not hire a professional to plan your event? Going into the planning process people sometimes assume that it will be rather simple to pull everything together, but then little details are missed and the big day ends up turning into a mad rush to the finish line. A professional planner does this for a living and they have your best interest in mind, so trust them to save you time, keep you under budget and over all help you to enjoy your event.

5. Hiring the Right Vendors

Professional planners have solid relationships built with the best vendors for your event. On your own it can be very difficult to find the right vendors for things such as catering, linens and florals (to name a few). How do you know that their quality of work is what you are looking for? Why go through ten different catering companies before finding the right one if you don’t have to? If you have a professional planner on your team then they can listen to your needs and provide you with a few vendors that are perfectly suited to you and your event.

6. A Seamless Day-Of

On the day of your big event would you like to enjoy seeing everything come together flawlessly, be able to socialize with your guests and not worry about the little details? Of course you would, and with a professional planner that is what will happen! You will have a person in your corner who knows the ins and outs of your event and can see any bumps in the road before they even appear. A planner will look at the event in the months leading up to it and use their imagination to envision anything that could go wrong. Then they will make sure that they have a safety net in place for all of those possibilities. That will allow you to sit back, relax, and have a wonderful time.

7. Creativity at Your Fingertips

Do you have some great ideas, but don’t now how to make them happen? Or do you need some help coming up with ways to make your event achieve the ‘wow-factor’? Professional Planners are there to help you create a one-of-a-kind event and make your dreams for it tangible. They are a creative tool right at your fingertips and are full of unique and innovative ideas!

8. A Built-In Mediator

During the planning of an event there can be many different opinions involved. A professional planner can be very helpful when it comes to navigating through all the opinions and helping to make the right decision. They will be your mediator and help to keep everyone satisfied in the end!

9. Point of Contact

There are many people involved in the happenings of an event. Nearing the day-of, you may have a question or an alteration but aren’t sure who to talk to. A Professional Planner can be the one person you go to for all of your questions and then they can take it from there. Goodbye confusion! Goodbye misscommunication!

10. Creating a Timeline and Sticking to it

It is important to have a time-line for planning your event. With all the things that need to be done this can be a little overwhelming! A Professional Planner will create the time-line for you and make sure that everything follows it. This ensures that in the days leading up to your event you will not be stressed out and you will be able to look forward to the big day!


7 Quick Tips for Brides Attending a Bridal Show

Attending a Bridal Show? Free Advice from Sequel Events & Valley Weddings.

Attending a Bridal Show can be a valuable way for Brides to make contacts and get most of the leg work of wedding planning done, here are some quick tips on how to get the most from this exciting experience.

  1. Pre-Register for the show(s) you would like to attend –  Most bridal shows will pre-sell tickets online, to save yourself some time and where possible the line ups pre-purchase your tickets.
  2. Bring a sidekick! –  The vendors and guests might be overwhelming for some brides to navigate through the crowds. You value the opinions of those close to you so why not bring them along to support you in making the important decisions and help with your hunt for the perfect vendors. Not to mention they can help you fill out ballet entries after your hand cramps up from filling out another contest form.
  3. Be Organized – As a planner/ decorator organization is key, bring colour samples, photos, magazines or written thoughts of what you are looking for and pre plan out the vendors you wish to speak with. If you are not sure where to start no worries as our team is here to help with the planning, decorating and we can even suggest some great vendors from our own experiences.
  4. Be Practical –  Have an idea of your budget and look for vendors that are able to work within your budget or those who have suggestions on how not to break the bank or can suggest alternate options within your budget.
  5. Ask Questions – Come with a list of questions to ask at the bridal show and don’t be afraid to ask about payment details, contracts (read the fine print), and for samples of past work or customer references.
  6. Schedule Follow Up Meetings – We are happy to meet with our brides after a bridal show and look forward to it as it gives us another opportunity to help you with the planning and decorating process. If you happen to meet us at a bridal show be sure to schedule a follow up meeting as we book up fast!
  7. Keep Calm & Bridal On! – Breathe, relax and keep dreaming. Enjoy every part of this process and take your time at the show.

Best Wishes & Happy Hunting! XOXO– From Sequel Events & Valley Weddings

We look forward to meeting you at the It’s My Wedding at the Abbotsford Tradex, January 16 and 17.