This is 31

Last summer my husband and I moved from our townhouse into my father-in-law’s home, as we purchased into the home. We ended up moving one day before my 30th birthday and we had already had a full and crazy summer up until then. I had hoped to have a big birthday celebration (because duh, I am an event planner) but the timing of moving, people being busy and everything else on-the-go meant that it was a smaller get-together with a few close girlfriends. They spoiled me and took me out to The Copper Room at Harrison Hot Springs and it was a blast. We had a fantastic waiter whose personality really made the night for us ladies, and the meal was phenomenal.




I was determined to throw a late “Hey, I turned 30” party this year, and I even started planning it back in February. Yes, I am a planner and I get excited about parties for many reasons. I love being able to bring people together, to celebrate someone or something, and make new connections. Events enable all of this and more to happen.




Life does not always go according to plan and neither do events, no matter if it is a life event or any other kind of event.  Basically, create a plan and then watch it get lit on fire or go flying out the window after it has changed 100 times over. I suppose this is the part where I tell you professional help comes in handy (which is true), but to put your mind at ease there are many wonderful things in life that happen because something did not go according to how someone had planned.



I ended up getting a super bug on my 31st birthday last month and that was one for the books! Like really, a super bug, what a way to win the reverse lottery. Thankfully a few of my girlfriends, including our photographer Sabrina, stepped up to help make sure the party went on without me. Everything looked lovely and I think everyone still had an enjoyable time, even though I was busy throwing something other than a party.



A lot happens as you get older, and at some point, you find yourself standing in a quieter place where there are less people around you and you are faced with the reflection of yourself. The truth is that we may not like what we see all the time when we look in the mirror. It may be from a physical or professional stand point, or even on a spiritual level. I may not always like what I see, but I can certainly appreciate the person I have fought to become. Not only that, but I can give my 5-year-old childish persona a smack and remind my heart to take a position of gratitude and humility to be able to grow. Part of growing up is learning to walk through different seasons of life, how to respond to disappointment, and not hold onto the past.




The older I get, the more I have become more settled with how my life looks and not caring what others think about my life. I view myself as an unconventional woman and I like to take the ‘social acceptance’ box, poke holes in it, or toss it aside. Tell me I can’t and watch me not only tell myself I can, but then tell others I did it and encourage them to go for it. Keeping all of this in mind, hey 32, I am coming for you; if you throw some lemons my way I will make lemonade and throw a party.













Party Supplies – Joonie and Joe

Photography – Sequel Photography

Succulents & Terrariums – Aloe Yucca

Iced Tea – New Moon Tea Co

Pineapple Print & Cookies – Goldngrasses Blog

 Florals & Styling – Sequel Events Inc. 

What is self love?

Next up to share on our series about self-love is the sweet Melissa!

To me self love is looking in the mirror and being able to say I like the person  looking back at me. There are going to be days when I look in the mirror and I’m going to love the person starring back at me. Days when my eyebrows are on point and my eyeliner is perfectly even. And that matte lipstick I had to wait 2 months to come in to stock looks so bomb. Days when I look in the mirror and just have to give a hair flick because I’m just so proud of the finished product that only took me 3 hours to accomplish.

But to me self love is also being able to look at the person starring in the mirror and say, it’s ok that I just gained back that 5 pounds it took me a week and a half to lose, because I decided it was necessary at the time to eat a large pizza to myself, and wash it down with a litre jug of chocolate milk.

Self love is going into a clothing store and trying on every single garment that tickles my fancy and not caring what the size on the tag says. Then realizing that it really was a great decision to eat that pizza because it just helped me fill out the booty in those jeans that I now can’t live without!

Self love is embracing that tummy that society tell us is undesirable, and rocking that cute two piece I just found online. It is being ok with the fact that I will never in my lifetime ever have a thigh gap, or lips like Kylie Jenner.

Self love is embracing the good, the bad, and the ugly. It’s not letting people tell me that I am less a person because I don’t look a certain way, or think a certain way. Self love is realizing my worth and potential, and that I am enough!

Self love is being empowered. It is having the courage to not only pick myself up, but others around me. It is encouraging others to love themselves. It is contagious.

Self love is choosing to see the positive and void the negative. It is holding my head high and strutting down the catwalk of my life with purpose and a fierceness that is a force to be reckoned with.

Self love is looking in the mirror and being able to say I like the person looking back at me.

– Melissa Norman.

Makeup by Shayla Rose from Rose Quartz Makeup Services

Imagery by Sabrina from Sequel Photography